Những từ vựng thường xuất hiện trong bài thi IELTS (Phần 2)

Những từ vựng giúp bạn ăn điểm trong bài thi IELTS (Phần 2)


STT Từ vựng Cách phát âm Nghĩa Tiếng Việt Ví dụ: 
1 Accessible (adj)   Có thể đến được Machu Picchu is accessible by plane, train, or hiking.
2 Archeologist (n)   Nhà khảo cổ học An archeologist is interested in ancient cultures.
3 Ceremonial (adj)   Nghi lễ Archeologist have many theories but few precise ideas about the ceremonial functions of Machu Picchu. 
4 Construct (v)   Xây dựng All constructed from heavy blocks of granite fitted precisely together.
5 Institute (v)   Đặt ra, xây dựng In 2005, the Peruvian government instituted a set of restrictions on the use of the trail. 
6 Marvel (n)   Vật kỳ diệu Its offers many marvels of its own. 
7 Pertain (v)   Liên quan đến, nói đến There are also legal requirements that pertain to the minium wage that porters must be paid as well as the maximum weight load they can be required to carry. 
8 Precisely (adv)   Chính xác, hoàn toàn đúng It is not precisely clear how the ancient inca used the site. 
9 Spectacular (adj)   Đẹp mắt, ngoạn mục The spectacular natural setting, the wonders of architectural and engineering skills embodied in the well-preserved buildings. 
10 Upside (n)   Ưu điểm, phần tốt The upside is that the environment and the workers are protected. 
11 Category (n)   Hạng, loại The types of vacations that fit into the category of ecotourism vary widely. 
12 Culprit (n)   Thủ phạm Ecotourists often shun cruise ships, because these are among the biggest culprits in the toursim industry in terms of environmental pollution. 
13 Delicate (adj)   Mỏng manh, dễ tổn thương Cruise ships also cause damage to coral reefs and other delicate ecosystems that they travel near. 
14 Dump (v)   Vứt bỏ, đổ rác Many large cruise ships injure the environment by dumping garbage into the sea. 
15 Principle (n)   Quy tắc Not all of these companies follow the principles of ecotourism. 
16 Publicity (n)   Hoạt động khiến công chúng biết đến The more publicity ecotourism gets, the more people will become interested in this type of travel. 
17 Remote (adj)   Xa xôi, hẻo lánh Many companies advertise themselves as ecotourism companies, especially those that offer trips to remote, natural areas. 
18 Strive (v)   Cố gắng, phấn đấu Ecotourists strive to support the local economy where they travel/ 
19 Wary (adj)   Đề phòng Travelers needs to be wary and do their research carefully. 
20 Wilderness (n)   Vùng hoang vu, hoang dã Ecotourism refers only to trips made to remote wilderness destinatiions. 
21 Economical (adj)   Tiết kiệm One of the advantage of these types of vacations is that they can be more economical than traditional cavations.
22 Endeavor (n)   Hoạt động có chủ đích, sự cố gắng It has become common for adults to spend their vacation time in educational endeavor. 
23 Enroll (v)   Đăng ký Travelers to Britain can enroll in courses at any of the twenty-plus adults residential colleges around the country. 
24 Hone (n)   Mài sắc, nâng cao Trip participants hone their creative skills under the supervision of professional artists and writes while at the same time enjoying. 
25 Ingredient (n)   Nguyên liệu, thành phần Travelers may learn all about how traditional meals are prepared and what ingredients are used. 
26 Ongoing (adj)   Liên tục A group flies to Turkey to join an ongoing archeological dig for the summer. 
27 Sponsor (v)   Tổ chức và chịu trách nhiệm It is common for colleges to sponsor learning vacations. 
28 Supervision (n)    Sự giám sát, trông nom You will always have the supervision of an experienced at teacher during the painting trip. 
29 Taste (n)   Sở thích There are options to suit all tastes and budgets.